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ASR detected by ROM system

Super Advisor

ASR detected by ROM system

hi All
i have blade BL20 p which has given the following error on IML ( ilo web page):
"ASR detected by system ROM" and before this log there's another one also " NMI : unknown error has occured"
When i try to click on console on ILO web page , i have a gray screen and it's written there " unsupported text mode" and there's no output on the screen
Even that, i trieed to connect direct monitor to the blade using interface cables for tourbleshooting and also no output on the monitor
In addition to that, none of LED panels are amber, all LEDS are green
Can anyone help me please ?
Is it a mother board problem?

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: ASR detected by ROM system

yes/no - less likely

BL20p G1, G2 , G3?

use one CPU with minimum memory configuration (for Troubleshooting use only HP memory), at system maintenance switch box enable switches for recovery ROM, try swap memory if needed, with few different pairs

pull fiber card if used, unles you have FCand NIC like in G2
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Re: ASR detected by ROM system

hi again,
tnx a lot for ur reply
the BLade server BL20p is G3
I tried to boot with one CPU but still the same problem, and i tried also to boot with less memory DIMMs and still the same,
Just before replacing MotherBoard, you mentioned something about switches
where are they located on the system and what are exactly their job reagrding ROM problem ?

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