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ASR on DL740

Steve Giordano
Frequent Advisor

ASR on DL740

We recently had one of our 740's crash (ASR). System recovered without any issues but there was an event in the system log indicating:

The system encountered a Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI) prior to this boot. The NMI source was: PCI bus error, slot unknown.

The source of this event was CPQASM2. That's all I can gather from the server as to what the cause of the crash was. Are there any other text logs maybe that I can look through that might give more details than this? We're running the 7.10 agents on this server. (needs to be upgraded)
David Reabow
Occasional Visitor

Re: ASR on DL740

Hi Steve,
I recently had the same error occur. The box has been updated to the latest Support Packs and firmware and appears to be running fine.

I have tried to run the HP Windows diagnostics tool however the diagnostics tool hangs.

Have you found a reason for your error? What investigations/fixes have you done ?

Has anyone experianced the hanging problem with the diagnostics tool (does this indicate a more serious problem?)

Mark J. Francisco
Frequent Advisor

Re: ASR on DL740

What kind of cards are in your PCI slots? Try running the diagnostic tool without any PCI cards. If it doesn't hang, start putting the PCI cards back one at a time and running diags after each add to try to pinpoint if one of the cards is the culprit.