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ASR on ML570 G3


ASR on ML570 G3


Quick check with experts out there on MS Windows Server 2003's Ent Edn ASR with HP Proliant ML570 G3 (with Internal HP DAT72 Tape Drive- C7438A).

When doing the Windows ASR, I have created using 1x diskette from the floppy drive and the 1x Archive Media from the DDS Drive HP DAT72 Tape
Drive- C7438A). It was successsful

Method #1 used for ASR Recovery
However, when doing the ASR Restore by booting from Windows Server 2003 Ent Edn OS CD , and pressing F2 for ASR Restore.
It loaded the diskette from the flooppy but when prompted to insert Archive Media, it did not detect the media on the DDS Tape.

Method # 2 used for ASR Recovery
This was using the Smart Start CD V7.3, hoping the correct. but there was not any F2 or F6 prompt for drivers. It does straight to install a new Windows OS

Were there any steps that we missed out?