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ASR reboot occurred

Charlie Hawkins2
Frequent Advisor

ASR reboot occurred

I have 2x DL360 G7 servers, 12gb/2xproc.

This happened to both servers randomly recently. After 24 hours apart. I'm still investigating this issue and am leaning to a possible hardware issue. I've also read a few things about the HP agent failures in older servers. Any suggestions?

Here is my latest HP System event:

The system has rebooted from a Automatic Server Recovery (ASR) event.

User Action
Determine the nature of the Automatic Server Recovery (ASR) event, and take corrective action.

WBEM Indication Properties
AlertingElementFormat: 1 0x1 (Other)
AlertType: 5 0x5 (Device Alert)
Description: "The system has rebooted from a Automatic Server Recovery (ASR) event."
EventCategory: 16 0x10 (System Power)
EventID: "1"
ImpactedDomain: 4 0x4 (System)
IndicationIdentifier: "{485AE049-0571-49BE-B3F9-496919F0B971}"
IndicationTime: "20110323144853.359000-300"
NetworkAddresses[0]: ""
NetworkAddresses[1]: ""
OSType: 103 0x67 (Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2)
OSVersion: "6.1.7600"
PerceivedSeverity: 5 0x5 (Major)
ProbableCause: 111 0x6f (Timeout)
ProbableCauseDescription: "ASR Reboot Occurred"
ProviderName: "HP Recovery"
ProviderVersion: ""
RecommendedActions[0]: "Determine the nature of the Automatic Server Recovery (ASR) event, and take corrective action."
Summary: "ASR reboot occurred"
SystemCreationClassName: "HP_WinComputerSystem"
SystemFirmwareVersion[0]: "2010.09.30"
SystemFirmwareVersion[1]: "2010.09.30"
SystemGUID: "32393735-3134-584D-5130-343230543032"
SystemModel: "ProLiant DL360 G7"
SystemName: "ROD.COM"
SystemProductID: "579241-001"
SystemSerialNumber: "XXXXXXXXXX"
TIME_CREATED: 129453833334205231 0x1cbe99356b2ab2f

For more information, please contact HP Support.
Frequent Advisor
Frequent Advisor

Re: ASR reboot occurred

It would be suggested to configure the server to generate memory dump so that we can have some info about ASR.

Also, it's suggested to disable ASR for few days, this would allow hardware to put more information in the system logs, because ASR most of the time causes reboot prior to something is written to logs.
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Re: ASR reboot occurred

Check the IML.

If possible it will tell you why it did the ASR.

You can read the IML with several tools:
1. The Integrated Management Log Viewer.

2. The System Management Home Page.

3. Throught the ILo

3. Insight Diagnostics.