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ATI Drivers and PCAnywhere

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

ATI Drivers and PCAnywhere

I Remotely installed the latest support paq for NT4 (v1.04) to my 1850R remote domain controller. I now have problems installing any version of the ATI RAGE IIC video drivers to this server. It appears that the problem started as PCAnywhere was installed when I remotely installed the support paq. I have since seen instructions to disable or un-install the PCAnywhere drivers before the ATI drivers are installed. It work ok with the default VGA drivers but as soon as I load the compaq ATI drivers (v4.0.1381.3254 or any previous version) I get numerous IO conflict errors. e.g.
"A conflict has been detected between two drivers which claimed two overlapping Io port regions. Driver et4000". There are a dozen or more of these messages relating to different drivers. I am only using Compaq hardware on this server - including NIC, drives etc. I was also getting some strange settings in the display control panel for a while but they seem to have gone away. I have tried various ways around this e.g. Service Pack Update, BIOS update, removing PCAnywhere completely, moving hardware PCI slots within the server but get exactly the same problem. I'm now desperate. Any help would be great. Thanks.
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: ATI Drivers and PCAnywhere

while the ati drivers and pc anywhere are a problem disabling pc anywhere or removing it and reinstalling the video driver or full ssd usually works...try this in this order.
remove pc anywhere completely...reinstall your service NOT reboot at the end of it...install the latest SSD software..then reboot..test SHOULD be ok at this point...then reinstall pc anywhere..
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