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ATI RAGE XL driver on DL380 G5

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ATI RAGE XL driver on DL380 G5

Hi there,

I have installed PSP 8.0 on a DL380 G5 running Windows Server 2003 but the Version Control Agent is reporting that the ATI RAGE XL video controller driver is out of date. However, the server doesn't contain a RAGE XL controller, it has an ES1000 and the version control agent is reporting the driver for that as up to date! An attept to install the RAGE XL driver to get rid of the alert fails because the package reports that the hardware is not present.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. We had a similar issue a while back with the version control agent reporting on a variety of non-present hardware. This was fixed in a new VCA release. Is this the same story and if so is there a workaround to get everything looking nice and green?

Many thanks,
Graeme Bray
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Re: ATI RAGE XL driver on DL380 G5

I'm still waiting on an answer for this from HP also. I've got the issue on multiple servers.
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Re: ATI RAGE XL driver on DL380 G5


maybe you already know the basic workaround that is stopping VCA discovery...

apart from that workaround that sometimes work sometimes does I think you will continue waiting, lately VCA is creating a lot of headaches... you are not the only one every VCA version must fix this issue but....

" Rename or delete the Folder "Discovery" inside %systemdrive%\hp\hpsmh\data\cgi-bin\vcagent, this make VCA to get inventory as previous versions of VCA."

maybe the only "stupid" workaround is stop VCA service...

maybe in another VCA update that I hope it will be soon

any from HP let us know
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