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About DL145G2 with VMware ESX 3.5 U3

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About DL145G2 with VMware ESX 3.5 U3

There's a plan with Virtualization.
The first is try to make the ESX system on my office's server.
There're 3 DL145G2 in my office.

All of them with 2GB RAM and Dual Op248,
I know it's low and performance bad,but it's trying work!...

The DL145G2 with HP LSI20320LP-HP SCSI Card,connect two 72GB or 146GB 10k U320 SCSI HDD.

There's a problem with the ESX installation.
When I boot on the ESX CD,the system boot well.
But the process go on,and until the driver show screen,it the mtp2xxx...
!!!show on the screen!!!
Then the system hold on,no any action!
I try to reset,it's ok to be!
I try to wait for one night,process is go on,but there's no hdd finded by ESX...

Does any one got this problem?