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About RAID 1 in hard disk drives

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About RAID 1 in hard disk drives

Some days ago I sent a photo about two disks but in this case they are not mirror because it was explained that for a mirror ,both physical drives would need to be a part of the same array,and the array would have to be setup as RAID 1 or RAID 1+0
In this case Do I need to create again the array to configure Raid 1??
If I do not make a backup about this logical drives, can I lost the saved information on this three logical drives of the first disk?
What do you advice to me?
I send the photo again,excuse me for the differents questions in a moment,thanks in advance

Jimmy Vance

Re: About RAID 1 in hard disk drives

Anytime you plan on chaging array information make sure you have a valid backup of your data.  In this case, you have a couple of options depeing on what controller you are using.

You can delete both arrays by clearing the configuraton and re-create a single array with both drives in a single array.  This will result in data loss

Depending on the controller, you can delete Array B, which will cause data loss of the logical drive on Array B.. You can then add the disk to Array A and migrate the array to RAID 1





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Re: About RAID 1 in hard disk drives

Thanks for your help Jimmy,in this moment I can take a solution