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Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040): Cim Alert

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Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040): Cim Alert

Getting these alerts from my DL380 G6. The battery has already been replaced but the issue remains.Any help appreciated.

Event Name: (SNMP) Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040)
URL: https://*****
Event originator: *****
Event Severity: Critical
Event received: 08-May-2011, 05:46:14

Event description: Accelerator Board Battery Failed. This trap signifies that the agent has detected a battery failure associated with the array accelerator cache board. User Action: Replace the Accelerator Cache Board.

Location: Slot 1
Model: sa-p400
Serial Number: ********
Total Memory: 524288
Diego Castelli
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Re: Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040): Cim Alert

I had some issues on recent replacement batteries out there.

It can be that the repl. battery is faulty.

Anyway, use IML to see initial date and update date of the event and mark it as repaired, just to be sure it's not an old issue being re-notified for that.

If you look at the controller in ACU and show the status, what do you see?

HTH, bye.
Diego C.

MS MCSA Server 2003

HP Accredited Integration Specialist
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Re: Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040): Cim Alert

Status shows as follows:

Cache Status shows as "Temp disabled"
Battery Status shows as "Failed, Replace Battery, 1 "
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Re: Accelerator Board Battery Failed (3040): Cim Alert


When removing or replacing the StorageWorks Smart Array 5300 Controller Array Accelerator battery packs, wait a minimum of 60 seconds before re-attaching the battery packs.

NOTE: Both battery packs must be removed to completely erase the cache memory.

If the battery packs were replaced without waiting a minimum of 60 seconds and the controller has locked up, perform the following steps to clear the cache memory:

  1. Power down the server.
  2. Remove the controller board.
  3. Remove both battery packs.
  4. Wait at least 60 seconds, then re-install the battery packs and controller board.
  5. Power on the server.