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Access Intelligent Provisioning & RAID Configuration from ILO4

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Access Intelligent Provisioning & RAID Configuration from ILO4

I'm a server noob, so appologise if this is a stupid question.


I have recently purchased my first HP Proliant Gen8 Server, and am trying to learn how it all works.


When I first got my server I connected it to a keyboard, mouse and monitor to do the initial setup. But now that this is complete these have been removed and the server moved to a more remote location.


I have been wondering how I would replace a faulty HDD or add additional HDD's. I currently have 2x HDD in a RAID1 configuration. I originally set up the raid by accessing Intelligent Provisioning during boot and selecting the storage administrator option from there.


Now, the server is not connected to a keyboard / mouse or monitor, how can I replace drives or add extra if I want to without having to physically remove the server and connect all these peripherals?


According to the HP Intelligent Provisioning Guide, I should be able to access this from ILO4, but when I connect to my server via my network and the ILO port, and login, I cannot find any obvious option for this (I currently have a full trial licence for IL4).


What am I doing wrong?

Jimmy Vance

Re: Access Intelligent Provisioning & RAID Configuration from ILO4

Once you are logged into iLO web interface


under iLO Overview there is a link .NET next to the text 'Integrated Remote Console'. Click the .NET link.


or from the left menu Click through Remote Console and finally click the launch button under .NET


You can use java if needed, but the .net method is preferred



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