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Accessing ML350G6 RAID in a DL380G6 Server

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Accessing ML350G6 RAID in a DL380G6 Server

To anyone who is familiar with Raid configuration on G6 Series.

I have this situation:

An ML350G6 server with P410i Raid controller and an 8SFF Cage with, on bays 1 and 2, 146GB SAS Hard disks, 2 units, and on bays 3,4,5 and 6, 300GB SAS Hard disks, 4 units. The server is down, no power, no access. I don't know which Raid is setup. I'm planing to use a DL380G6 with same controller type on it, and attach the hard disks there in order. Whill this work? Will I have access to the information? Will the P410i on the DL380G6 read the Hard Disks ID and restore the Raid? Or will the hard disks' ID be overwriten? I have no way to revitalize the ML350G6 and I need to acces the information. Can anyone help me?

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Jimmy Vance
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Re: Accessing ML350G6 RAID in a DL380G6 Server

The RAID information is stored on each hard drive. You can move the drives to a new system. The controller you are moving to needs to be at the same or newer firmware revision level as that of the old controller.


Also try to keep the bay numbering the same. At some point the firmware could tell drives had been repositioned and update accordingly, but I don't recall at what generation server that feature was added. 

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