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Re: Accessing the SMU

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Accessing the SMU


I am trying to install a update to device driver and need to do that through SMU.

I see that SMU can be accessed like "Upon completing the hardware installation, user can access the web-based management interface - SMU (Storage Management Utility) - from the controller module to monitor and manage the storage system. Invoke the web browser, and enter the https://IP-address 
of the controller module’s network port in the address field , then press Enter. To Sign In to the SMU, use the default user name manage and password manage. If the default user or password - or both - have been changed for security reasons, enter the secure login credentials instead of the defaults. This brief Sign In discussion assumes proper web browser setup."


I am not sure, how to find the IP-address of the controller module’s network port in the address field.


Any help on how to fidn this will be really great, Thanks.

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Re: Accessing the SMU


this is a bit confusing.

The SMU you Tell is the GUI from the MSA Storage.
But inside the MSA Storage is no Device Driver Update Funktion.
You can only Update the MSA Storage Firmware.
The MSA IP address is provided by DHCP to the MSA or is switched to a fixed IP during the Install Procedure.
If you don't know, you can plug in a Serial Cable to the MSA Controller.
What MSA Modell is it? 2040,2050, 2060
Also, it's best to move the Call to the MSA Storage Forum.



I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.