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Add New SAS HDD to Server

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Add New SAS HDD to Server

I have a ProLiant DL380 Gen9 with 4 HPE SAS with 300GB,  and a RAID-10 configuration. I need to increase storage for it, so I bought a 900 GB HGST(didn't find HPE) SAS. I want to add it to the RAID, when I plugged in the HDD and opened Smart Storage Array, I saw this message:

Port 2I : Box 3 : Bay 5: This physical drive does not support RAID and is not exposed to OS. It cannot be used for configuration on this controller.


Does this mean I cannot add HDD except if it's from HPE, or it does not support 900 GB Sizes?

Also, can I add it to a RAID 10, or to a RAID 5, or should I create a new one with it?

Appreciate your help

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Re: Add New SAS HDD to Server

At least you cannot add a single disk to a RAID10, except a spare.

Hope this helps!

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