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Add Second MSA30 Array

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Add Second MSA30 Array

We have an HP DL380 G4 server with an attached MSA30 Array via the internal Smart Array 6i controller. The array is RAID5 and fully populated using one disk as an online spare. The drives are configured as a single Basic Disk volume under a W2K3 R2 operating system environment. Usage is at nearly 90% capacity. We have available a second MSA30 fully populated array we have on hand as a backup. Also, we have available an Smart Array 6400 controller that has four SCSI ports. The initial thought was to add the controller; connect the second array to the 6400 controller and add a new volume. However, it would be preferable if we could expand the storage capacity of the existing volume without restoring from backup? Is this possible? If so, any tips or pointers are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: Add Second MSA30 Array


it would be better that you at start configure array within SA6404(four interface models) and now you should only add a second shelf and first expand array, and than extend logical drive, but now is too late.
And 6i is usually reserved for internal, server disks with mirror configuration for OS installation.

Now, this situation request testing before usage and I cannot give you 100% correct advise.

And I think that most secure method is to create second array, new logical.


Re: Add Second MSA30 Array

It should be possible. But I'm not gonna gaurente you.

Most SMart array controllers are Data compatible, but not driver compatible.
Wich mean, if you want to moe You Raid from a controller to another, you might need to install the driver first.
The 6i and the 6400, should use the same driver, but just in case, here's the way to do it.

1. Ensure you have got a good backup, and recovery plan.

2. Install the new controller in the, leaving it with no disk.
3. Run the current, or newst PSP, to install the driver.
4. shut down, Power off and remove power cords.
5. Move the cables to the new controller (If needed remove the old controller).
6. Restart the server.
7. The new Smart Array will tell you, that it has found a new configuration, and you will have to hit F1 to approve.
Thats it.

Why do it work like that?
- The Smart Array use Meta data, to keep the configuration, current state of the arrays. Information aboute all Disks and arrays on the controller, is staored on all disks.
- This make life easy.

In Your case, there's a catch.
You have got a 6i controller, with 2 arrays. Array A, most likely the internal disk, and Array B, most likely the external disks.
If you move the external disks to the 6400 ctrl. Then when you check the 6i, it will tell you that it has got a missing/broken Array B. And when you check the 6400, it will tell you it har got a missing/Broke Array A.
You can do nothing aboute it, and it will keep running.
Or you can delete the missing / failed arrays from each controller (I would do that). On the 6400 i guess you will still have the array B, so if you add another array it might be a new array A.

After you have moved the external disks, you can add the 2nd enclosure, and you can expand the excisting array with the new disks.
You can expand and extend over one controller only, there's no way you can expand over two controllers.

I think it will work. And here's how i would do it:

1. Backup/ remergency recovery plan.
2. Do a re-boot, to check that you can do a clean re-boot.
3. Install 6400 ctrl.
4. Update both controllers to latest firmware.
5. install current PSP
6. move external disk to 6400.
7. Check that everything works.
8. Delete failed array A from the 6400.
9. Re-check everything works.
10. Delete failed arry B, from 6i.
11. Re-check everthing works.
12. add new enclosure and disks.

Plese consider this:
The more disks you got in a RAID, the higer the risk, for multible disk failure.
Migrate from RAID 5 to ADG, and also put in 1 or 2 hot spare disks.
To have 28 disk's and can afford only 1 disk to fail, would be plain stupid.

If this don't work, then you have got the backup/restore option left only.

Please don't blame me or HP if it don't work.

Good luck

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