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Add a s e cond processor to DL380 G4

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Add a s e cond processor to DL380 G4


I have a DL380G4 with one processor in it.

When I add a second one, it refuses to boot - just a black screen and the CD-ROM light blinks rythmically, no POST.

The machine has 2Gb RAM - 4x 512 in slots 0-3.

Could I have a few pointers to assist me troubleshoot?

-Has the RAM slot usage have any impact on adding a second processor?

-Do the processors have to be identical in every respect, speed etc?

-Does the ROMPAQ firmware 5.1 have any known issues with multiprocessor support?

-Any other ideas?

The second processor does work, I tested it in the asme chassis as a single and it booted up ok.

I'm very new to this, any advice about twin processor setups would help.

Many Thanks

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