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Add extra Hard Drive - ProLiant ML370

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Add extra Hard Drive - ProLiant ML370

My server storage is getting low. It is a proliant LM370 configured for RAID5. With 4 (36.4gb wide pluggable ultra3 15k drive) with smart Array 5i plus controller. The drives are configured volume c: (operating system 4gb) and E: data (97.8gb) both are dynamic. The operating system is windows 2000.
I have two empty bays. Could I add extra hard drive and increase the volume of E:? I’m getting confused here. Some articles say it could be done and some say you can not make a stripe set bigger or extend it to another disk. I have not deal with this issue before, any help would be appreciated. How to is even better
Luis Valencia
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Re: Add extra Hard Drive - ProLiant ML370

Yes, you can do an online expansion using ACU, and then expand the WIndows volume using Diskpart.exe (Download from Microsoft)