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Add new drives

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Add new drives



My server is ML 350 G6 with smart array controler 410

i have 2 HP SAS drives 2.5" 6GB/s

And i want to add also 2 drive


I want to add seagte savvio.

What kind of problem will i have if i'll combine my current drives from HP and drives from seagate or fujitsu or something else


Thank You

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Re: Add new drives

If they are compatible and are detected by controller you should not face any problems , the only problem that you may face is that hp controller will not track the paramateres for failure or any hard errors on the hard drive which means that no pre-failure notifications as the 3rd party hard drives are not hp modified. Also it is advisable to create a separate array with 3rd party hard drives and not mix it with hp drives. Hope this helps

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Goutham Sabala
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Re: Add new drives

Today i check my HP SAS 6GB/s drive and found it's Constellation.2(7200prm) so -seagate
And i want to buy seagate savvio-10000 or 15000 6GB/s

What do you about this?
Michael A. McKenney
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Re: Add new drives

Will all the drives be 10K or 15K or mixed?  I usually don't recommend mixing hard drives in RAID.  It they are JBOD, they you just want to make sure they are all 6 Gbps to maintain controller performance.  the slowest drive sets controller speed.

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Re: Add new drives

My present drives is SAS 6GB/s 7200

And i want to add 2 drives- 10k or 15k  6GBS




RAID 1 (146GB SAS 6GB/s) 10 or 15K

RAID 1 (500GB SAS 6GB/s) 7200