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Re: Add vrms on ML570 G1

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Lon walker_1
New Member

Add vrms on ML570 G1

I have a compaq proliant ML570 G1 tower and I want to up grade the number of cpu's from one to four. I have purchased four matched p111 700/100 1M 5/12v cpu's(they are the exact same as the original one) I need to know where to find or buy the specific manual for my model. I also have a 6000 series server and the VRM's are easy to find, there right below the cpu's I realize I need to replace all of the VRM's? and so far I am having trouble finding them on the ML570 G1 please help me if you will. Thank You. Lon Walker
Honored Contributor

Re: Add vrms on ML570 G1

hi Lon

As far as I see there is no such thing like VRM or PPM for a ML570 as a single part

here the manual if you wanna take a deeper look

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Lon walker_1
New Member

Re: Add vrms on ML570 G1

Thank you, for your prompt reply. and the link to the manual. I will look further into
the processor configuration switch settings and will re-populate the cpu's and see if that works. thanks again. **Lon Walker**