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Adding 221 SMART controller to 1600

Clay Jones
Occasional Visitor

Adding 221 SMART controller to 1600


We've been running 5 9GB drives in a non-RAID configuration using one of the two on board SCSI controllers on the motherboard. One controller is cable-terminated, and the other is connect to our 5 SCSI drivers.

We have the original SMART RAID controller and would like to reconfigure the box with a RAID 5 setup. I can boot into the SMART start utilities as long as the drives remain connected to the onboard controller. SCU detects the 221 RAID Controller, and I've moved it up in the boot order ahead of the existing onboard controller.

When I disconect the drives from the onboard connection, and connect them to the RAID controller, I cannot boot into SMART start to configure the drives. The system continually reboots itself without launching SMART start.

I suspect it is because when we unplug the drives from the onboard controller and connect them to the RAID, the onboard controller is no longer terminated. Does this supposition sound correct? We don't have immediate access to another terminator and would like to confirm our suspicion before we spend time acquiring one.

Clay Jones
Occasional Visitor

Re: Adding 221 SMART controller to 1600

Well, it's confirmed that the termination is not the primary issue. I've terminated the onboard SCSI and still cannot boot into Smart Start.
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Re: Adding 221 SMART controller to 1600

Will it boot into SMART start with all drives disconnected?

If so I would connect in the original configuration, boot into SMART start and run a system erase. Then reconnect to your new configuration and boot into SMART start again.

My suspicion is that the 221 is attempting to read array configuration data from the drives, which of course does not exist.

Only a thought, I could be totally wrong.