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Adding 3 more harddisks in raid 5

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Adding 3 more harddisks in raid 5

I have an DL 380 server with three 72.8 15 K Ultra 320 Scsi hard disks configured in Raid 5(oracle database server)with windows 2003 enterprise edition server installed. Now i want to expand space since there is no enough space for databse.I need to add 3 more 72.8 15k ultra 320 scsi hardisks. How can do that?Can i do it by creating a 2nd logical array(drive)in Raid5 ? can i use the second logical drive for my database? please advise

Re: Adding 3 more harddisks in raid 5

Hi anishts, the easiest way is to fire up the ACU (Array Configuration Utility) which you should have installed on your server (if you installed via SmartStart), from there you will be able to expand your current RAID5 diskset to make use of your additional 3 disks. If you do not have the ACU installed it can be downloaded from here...

The latest version is...

HP ProLiant Array Configuration Utility for Windows 18 Aug 2009

Iam assuming your are running a DL380 G4/5/6?

If you want to keep the Database on another logical drive then you can create another RAID5 set and use that for your Oracle db. It is totally up to you how you want to perform your disk config.

Hope that helps.