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Adding Drives

Carl Thomas
Occasional Contributor

Adding Drives

I need to add two 18.2GB hard drives to my ML530 server running Netware 6.0. It is also raid 5.

How can I do this with out loseing data? All of the drives are hot swap.
Nathan Gervais
Trusted Contributor

Re: Adding Drives

Assuming you have 2 free drivebay slots here is how you added the disk space

Insert the drives in the 2 slots and then load the Compaq Array Configuration utility (CPQONLIN.NLM) which can be found here

Once your in that utility Select the Array that has the existing raid 5 and then choose expand array. Add the 2 disks and save.

You should then see some unused space attached to that array. Create a NEW logical drive with the new space as Raid 5. This will take some time as it will need to restripe all the drives for parity.

After the new drive logical drive has appeared add the new space to your NSS Pool that you want it allocated to.