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Adding HDD to an existing RAID5

Erick Bundang
Occasional Contributor

Adding HDD to an existing RAID5

Is there anybody who can help me configure a new hdd on a existing RAID 5. Our server is a Compaq ML370 using SA-532 Controller. My OS is Novell Netware 6.0. I'm going to add 2x 36GB U320 Hot swap SCSI HDD to 4x the same specs HDDs.

Help will be much appreciated.
Super Advisor

Re: Adding HDD to an existing RAID5

there is nothing to do with novell just take a netware backup and try adding the hdd by going to the raid bios screen or through the cd that came along with the server
Jason Tryon
Valued Contributor

Re: Adding HDD to an existing RAID5


Under Netware there is a HP Array Configuration Utility called CPQONLIN.NLM that is used to add hard drives to an existing array or to create a new array.

If you do not have this utility installed under Netware follow the provided link to down and run CPQONLIN.NLM then follow the directions on how to run and load this HP Utility.

NOTE: The CPQONLIN utility will work with any Smart Array controller except for the NEWER 6 Series Array Controllers. So in your case with the SA532 it is not a concern as this utility is fully supported.

Once you launch CPQONLIN, you will be prompted to select the array controller you wish to work with.

The next screen will present you with your presently configured array controller settings.

At this point you can insert the NEW hard drive LIVE into the server, you will here a beep from the server and a Novell console message will appear showing that Netware is aware of new hardware being inserted.

Under CPQONLIN the newly added hard drive will show as UNASSIGED.

Highlight the ARRAY that you wish to add the drive to, on the right hand side of the utility you will be able to select EXPAND ARRAY.

Once you have selected this option a new screen will pop up that will allow you to selection the UNASSIDED DRIVE and add it to the array.

This will create and NEW LOGICAL DRIVE for the newly added drive, this is just the way that the hardware is identified itself, and will not affect the workings of NetWare.

To watch the REBUILD process, under CPQONLIN select the ARRAY and press F3, there will be a status bar to indicate the overall process.

Once the REBUILD is over then you will be able to go under the NWCONFIG to add the drive space to which every volume you wish to select.

If you are unclear on what options to select under NWCONFIG you will need to contact Novell Support directly.

I how this helps.

Erick Bundang
Occasional Contributor

Re: Adding HDD to an existing RAID5

Thanks Kamal and Jason for your help.

Jason's tip helped me doin my job smoothly. But on Netware 6, NWCONFIG is not useful to increase the volume size. I use the Console One instead. It worked smoothly without shutting down the server.

Thanks Again for your help Guys.