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Adding Processor to ML350p Gen8

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Adding Processor to ML350p Gen8

Good morning,

I am a system administrator for a small-medium healthcare organization.  We run a Xenserver based Xendesktop enviroment.  Recently, one of our branch XenServers failed.  This was an HPE Proliean ML350p Gen8 Server e5-2650 x2 Xencenter Server that hosted a DC, and print server.  It has been out of warranty since 2015 and exhibitted a solid amber light.  I attempted troubleshooting with no success.,  However, we currently have an undeployed HP Proliant ML240p Gen8 E5-2609V2 X1 (same out of warranty in 2015, but like new condition). 

I am attempting to replace the broken e5-2650 x2 with the current working e52609v2,  I have installed XenCenter on the newish e5-2609v2 server, however it is very limited in hardware.  It only has one CPU with 4 cores and 4 GB of PC3L-10600R RAM.  I would like to pull what hardware I can from the non-working Proliant 2650 x2.  The RAM seems straight forward enough, I have recovered 16 GB (in 4 GB DIMM) from the non-working server.  The RAM is identical according to what I see from HPE. 

I would like to pull a processor from the non-working server to upgrade the working (e5-2609v2) server to have more cores available.  Is this possible, the processors are the same form factor but I don't think they are the exact same model.  Please forgive, I am new to the world of servers and have done this on smaller form factor PCs.  I have reviewed instructions here ( and this seems straight forward enough (I would need thermal paste)  

Is this swap possible? The RAM would boost things greatly but I would like to upgrade the processing power.  Thanks

Scott Grant

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Re: Adding Processor to ML350p Gen8


Intel Xeon E5-2609 v2, is compatible with this server, but do check the memory configuration.
Here is the ML350p Generation 8 QuickSpecs.

Thank You!
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Re: Adding Processor to ML350p Gen8

Thanks for the reply Suman_1978!!!