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Adding RAID 5

Robert W. Hirn
Occasional Visitor

Adding RAID 5

This may be a stupid question, forgive my ignorance, but can you "turn on" RAID 5 after the fact?

I have a Proliant 1600 w/Smart-2SL controller running Netware 5. Currently 2 9.1gb drives with no RAID features at all. One is SYS vol and other is VOL1 vol. I would like to add 3 more 9.1gb drives and "turn on" RAID 5.

I fear this is NOT possible, in which case I assume I must backup both vols to tape, setup RAID 5 on the drives, (which will probably wipe them), install a base Netware enough to load tape drivers and restore system. Is this right?
thierry chabanne
Occasional Advisor

Re: Adding RAID 5

Hi Robert,
You are right when saying that you have to backup and then reinstall and restore from tape if you want all your drives to be in a raid5 configuration, unless you only want to use raid 5 for 3 new drives.

Hope this help