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Adding Raid 1 SCSI to ML350 G3

Occasional Contributor

Adding Raid 1 SCSI to ML350 G3

I have HP ML350 G3 333373-001 server. This server has 6 SCSI disks in RAID 5 with HP Smart Array 532 occupying the 6 disk bay fully already. But recently we're running out spaces. I like to add more disk spaces, and found this server can have option 2 bay disk cage in its QuickSpec ;


, so I assume I can add two SCSI in RAID 1. to move some files to this new disk drive. But when I look at the smart array 532 card, the SCSI cable end is attached to 6 disk bay and there's no any available cable end plug on both cable itself and the raid card. Does this mean I have to buy another raid card for the two new disks?


I haven't done with with configuring SCSI raid or disks, can anyone give me some guides how to do this???


Thank you in advance.