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Adding a 2nd Hard Drive

Maria DeStefano
Occasional Advisor

Adding a 2nd Hard Drive

I have an HP Pavlion 4550Z with these modifications:
-Added extra RAM
-Replaced HP CD Rom with a HP cd writer
Now I need to add a 2nd hard drive - about 40G. I Want to KEEP THE FIRST Hard Drive ALSO and integrate the 2 together.
Since I installed the other 2 things myself, maybe I can do this myself(?).
I have Windows 98SE
Thanks in advance.

"An eye for an eye will make us all blind." - Mahatma Ghandi
Valued Contributor

Re: Adding a 2nd Hard Drive


How did u connected the cd writer??? (separate cable from motherboard to cd writer or connected along with hdd)

u can always add this addional hdd.

Let me know how did u connected the HDD/CDROM???

If u can tell me this, i will in position to help you, further.

u can do ur self. it is not big thig.

Things are very easy, when u know about it...
Maria DeStefano
Occasional Advisor

Re: Adding a 2nd Hard Drive

I bought the HP CD writer at at Best Buy and took out the CD player that came with the Pavilion 4550Z - then I used the online instructions to put the CD writer in. I just opened it up and everything just plugged into the hard drive INSIDE the computer console, or box - or whatever you call it.

I think someone told me that I can put the extra 40G HD right inside the box too. Space is a problem here.

Thanks for replying!
"An eye for an eye will make us all blind." - Mahatma Ghandi