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Adding a PCI EIDE card to an old Proliant 800

Carlos Marcelo Farias
Occasional Visitor

Adding a PCI EIDE card to an old Proliant 800

Hello all.

I was successfull added a PCI EIDE device to my old Proliant 800 Server.

First all i enter the system configuration utility to view details about resource and so on.

All worked as spected. But when i reboot system, it start booting up from IDE devices, not from SCSI on board card. Daem... i won??t that.

Reading around i found that when i start with system configuration utility, it shows me the first device to start up (boot up?) is Compaq Wide scsi device, then when boot once again, BIOS try to boot up from IDE devices.

I see another thread around in this forum and there recomend switch to another PCI device card with a better BIOS.

Well i try another solution and found one that work for me as follows:

start system configuration utility and go to view/change details and point to that PCI EIDE/IDE device. Then where says "Enable" switch to "Disable". You will see a warning saying that some operating system could not perform well, avoid it, in that case you can get back there and enable it.

After restart, system not shows me the PCI??s BIOS message as it was not present in the system.

It??s a behaivor i think is not well documented at HP/Compaq site.

I help that works for you all.