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Adding a USB 2.0 Card to an ML 350 G3

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Adding a USB 2.0 Card to an ML 350 G3

We have an ML350 G3 with a pair of USB external HDs for nightly scheduled backups and since the two integrated USB ports are 1.1 we would like to upgrade the server with a USB 2.0 PCI card.

Just to make sure, will any PCI USB 2.0 card do the trick or are there any compatibility issues I should pay attention to?

Another one of my problems is, as many here have already posted, if the server reboots with a USB HD connected and powered on the server won't boot with a "Diskette Failed" error. I've been reading on this this whole morning and no one has seamingly gotten to a solution about not making this server boot from its USB ports when an HD is connected to them.

On another thread I saw someone trying to get his BIOS to see a USB 2.0 card he added to the server (because he wanted to use ghost with some external HDs).

Logic tells me that if the server can't see the USB 2.0 Card until Windows boots up and loads the drivers for it then my booting problem will be solved. Would I be correct in this assumption?

Eitherway I'm going to try and modify the boot order after work hours today since the server is in production. I'm guessing that setting "Hard Disk" in the BIOS as the first boot device should maybe solve my problems. Eihterway we need the 2.0 card.