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Adding a processor to an ML350 G6

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Adding a processor to an ML350 G6

Hi there!


Server newbie here. I'm hoping someone might be kind enough to give me some advice, as I feel like I jumped in the deep end a little. I have built desktop systems before but I know nothing really about the intricacies of servers.


So, I bought an ML350 G6 tower on craigslist, really just to run BOINC projects so nothing crucial. It has two 750W PSUs, 18GB RAM, one E5520 processor and about 500GB of SAS drives and I think is running Ubuntu 14.04, which I think the seller installed because he wanted to keep his copy of the original OS. I don't see any HP server software on it.


The server runs fine and I got my BOINC software installed and everything is good. The problem is I want to add another processor. The hardware part doesn't look too difficult - I got a heatsink and have ordered a large redundant baffle and some more fans (it came with only one) used off ebay - but having read the thread about adding RAM to a DL 380 and some other stuff it seems that it might be more complex than I thought software and firmware-wise. I don't have, and probably can't afford, an HP support subscription so I'm hoping someone might please advise me what steps I should take to do this upgrade properly and point me to any good web resources for learning more about my server? I was going to use half the RAM that's already installed for the second processor since I don't really need 18 GB for the existing one.


Thanks in advance,



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Re: Adding a processor to an ML350 G6

Just go to


select "Manuals" and get the user guide.



There is a chapter about "adding optional hardware" like CPU, disk drives etc.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Adding a processor to an ML350 G6




When a second processor is added, it should be the same as the first i.e. both processors should be the same spare part number. Also, it is recommended to upgrade server BIOS before doing so. Use the processor installation tool to avoid damage to the processor and system board. You may refer to the server's maintenance and service guide, section Removal and replacement procedures > Processor for steps to install a processor.





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Re: Adding a processor to an ML350 G6

Hello @DeadMoney


As previously stated the HP ProLiant ML350 Gen6 server support page, which has the manuals and user guide.  I agree with Vijayasarathy, pages 59-65 of the HP ProLiant ML350 Gen6 server maintenance and service guide goes step by step on how to removal and replacement procedure for processors.  The server supports single and dual processor operation. With two processors installed, the server supports boot functions through the processor installed in processor socket 1. However, if processor 1 fails, then the system boots automatically from processor 2 and displays a process or failure message. 


I can also help connect you to an HP Server specialist if you would like to get more information or configuration of upgraded server series.  Please let me know if you would like to proceed in that direction.

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Re: Adding a processor to an ML350 G6

Thanks Torsten, Vijay, and BK_HP for your help.


Had to take some time off for a couple of unpleasant medical procedures (no fun getting old) but I'm back and ready to roll now. Just recieved two X5560s from ebay - used of course - supposedly the same stepping though. I wanted to update the bios and firmware before installation but my OS, Ubuntu 14.04, does not show in the drop-down list at The latest they have listed is 11.04. Should I just forego the updates and install the processors anyway, or is there possibly another way to get the updates installed?