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Adding a second processor

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Adding a second processor

I have a proliant 3000R with a PII/450 Mhz processor, and I wish to add a second PII/450 taken from a Proliant 1600R.

When I installed the 2nd processor this weekend the 3000R would not boot, but repeatedl cycled through the POST. I know that the 'new' PII works in the 1600 ok. Both processors are Step 82.

The system ROM of the 3000 is listed in insight mgr as 10/02/1998, Family 386P9, Type 03.

The PII from the 1600 has the following printed on it : 80523py450512pe sl2u7 y8450255-0298
and a part number on the heat sink of : 313662-001
The Processor Power Module has a part number of 327563-001.

(The 3000R worked ok again after removing the second processor).

Is there anything I should have done when adding the 2nd processor, e.g. Switch settings etc ?


Alex Iona
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Adding a second processor

The processor is not supported in the PL3000 .