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Adding a third drive to a RAID 1+0 on an ML350

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Adding a third drive to a RAID 1+0 on an ML350

I have an ML350 G4p with two 146.8 Gig ULTRA SCSI drives configured in a RAID 1+0. The formatting is such that C: has only 10 Gig and is almost full. D: occupies the rest of the drive space available. We are running Windows 2003 server and exchange on this box.

I have a third 146.8 Gig ULTRA SCSI and understand the Smart Array 642 Controller should accept that additional drive and offer me the opportunity to change the striping to RAID 5 with out loss of data. On the fly so to speak. Can some one confirm this?

Secondly, which drive would receive the extra space? I really need to increase C:.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Adding a third drive to a RAID 1+0 on an ML350


yes you can online affecting no date at all
just update your controller firmware and use latest Array diagnostics utility (ACU)

that procedure is migration:

- First you add the new HDD
- HDD in going to show up in ACU as unassigned
- you select expand (takes some time)
- after that you're going to have the option to migrate to RAID 5
- migration takes some time
- in Windows Disk management you are going to get unallocated space you can either create a new partition or add that space to C: using a 3 party software like Acronis Disk Director or check this last answer says you can use BartPE to add space to C (I have not tested that)

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