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Adding drives to ML380 G4

Colin A

Adding drives to ML380 G4

I have an ML 380 G4 with 3 x 36GB Hot Plug drives... If I expand the array with a further 3 x 36GB drives how much space will I have assuming I don't want an on-line spare...

Also, if I do this will I need to add it as another drive in Windows or will it just expand my existing C:..?
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Re: Adding drives to ML380 G4

Hi Colin,

You have a DL380 G4 with Smart Array controller, assume you have 3x36 HDDs in RAID 5 - 72 GB available and 36 GB for parity. In RAID 5 always 1 drive is used for parity, this means you will add the whole capacity - 108 GB to the array(logical drive). So you will have 5 x36 = 210 GB space avalaible for data.

If you want to use the space with the same logical drive and extend the systempartition you CAN'T use diskpart.exe.
You must use 3rd party software or to boot from a different media, not the OS partition.

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Re: Adding drives to ML380 G4

Hi Colin,
fully agree with PAC, you will get full 3*36 GB HDD capacity if you are expanding your existing array (assuming RAID 5).
But there are two choices after that :
1. Extend existing Logical Volume
2. Create a new logical volume

The OS will recognize a new logical volume as a new HDD, & if we are expanding the logical volume then free space would be added to the existing HDD.
e.g. If in windows the existing hdd in disk manager is of 72 GB then after extending volume the HDD size will became 200 GB.

If you have only single partition, say C: of 72 GB then the safe way is to create a partition,
You can use the third party tools to increase the size of C:, the system partition but it is a risky matter, so please make a complete data backup.

Hoping that will help
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Re: Adding drives to ML380 G4

Hi Colin

here's the link for RAID calculator where you can put how many HDDs you use and the space that you'll get

for the other question
you can create another logical like d:
or you can extend and add that new space to your existing C:

for the second option C: you need a third party software to extend C:
like partion comander

this is the link for the array configuration utility manual


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