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Adding memory to DL580

Lee Messenger_1
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Adding memory to DL580


I added an extra 4GB to a DL580 G1 server over the week-end, the server now has a total of 8GB.

The server is running Win2K Adv. Server.

The server sees the memory fine, but after a couple of hours, Citrix Metaframe crashed on the server, this has happened twice now.

In the servers event log, there is a message logged after it rebooted regarding Correctable memory errors in Bank B. The new memory I added was in Bank A.

Any ideas ?
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Re: Adding memory to DL580


A couple of points:

1. Have you made sure that all the memory modules are properly seated, that is one or the other hasn't got any loose contact?

2. Are you running the latest system BIOS?

3. Are you running the latest Proliant Support Pack?

4. You could run HP Server Diagnostics by booting the server off a smart start CD and running diagnostics on memory. This should identify if any memory modules need replacement.

Hope this helps and dont forget to assign points:)


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Re: Adding memory to DL580

Lee what bios are you runing in this server?

Have you swapped the RAM in the banks to see if the problem "moves" with the change?
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Re: Adding memory to DL580

I have experienced this before, some servers report the bank and letter when it really means the DIMM and Slot. Translate the letter with a number A=1, B-2 and so on. I had an issue where a DL580 reported BANK K as having correctable errors, only issue... THERE IS NO BANK K !!! It turned out to be DIMM 11 (K=11). Yours is most likely DIMM 2 causing the error.


- Mike