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Adding microcode for CPU support on a ML350 Gen9

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Adding microcode for CPU support on a ML350 Gen9

Has anyone updated/added Intel microcode to their ML350 Gen9?

I have two ML350 Gen9 systems that I am trying to upgrade the processors. One system is running as a dual processor system and the other is currently without functioning processors. I get the dreaded 275- Unsupported Processor Detected error.

After some digging (while on hold with HPE support) I see that adding the Intel microcode for my processor's stepping would support these processors. I am looking to update the microcode on my systems to support my 4 processor's stepping and remove the 275 error.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Adding microcode for CPU support on a ML350 Gen9

Just got the go to hell phone call from HP support. "You have Intel processors, but not our Intel processors, so up yours" Love the support HP gives on the BIOS. Guess I should have learned by now to just build my own systems and ignore the Giant Monopoly built locked down servers.

Guess I am going to try to send these servers back and build my own, since that is cheaper than buying HP's $$$$$$ processors.

Anyone want to start another class action lawsuit (again)? Let's see how long they leave this post up......