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Adding new drives to DL360 G5

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Adding new drives to DL360 G5


I have a DL360 G5 with a P4001 smart array (well, maybe not that smart).

There are 6 drive bays. 4 bays are filled with 504015-003 drives in a raid 5 (1 drive spare) with a single logical drive.

I want to add a couple of drives as a second array for extra storage space and tried plugging in 2 430165-003 drives.

The controller doesn't recognize the new drives at all, the lights don't light, nothing.

I'm not an HP guy so don't have any real experience with this server, am I missing something? Going into the array configuration utility and i don't see anywhere to add drives and it doesn't recognize the extra drives.

Any help or a link to "adding hp server drives for idiots" appreciated.
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Re: Adding new drives to DL360 G5

Blow out the backplane, re-seat the drives. Have you tried that yet? There's really no reason I could think of that would bar you from creating another raid volume with those two new drives.
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Re: Adding new drives to DL360 G5


Are these new drives in slots 5 & 6 by chance?

See the NOTE in the quickspecs:

NOTE: The Smart Array P400i Controller can support a maximum of 6 hard drives. To support drives 5 and 6, the optional HP Mini SAS 4i 13.4 inch/0.35 m cable is required (PN 399546-B21).


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Re: Adding new drives to DL360 G5

Thanks! I never would have figured that out!

Re: Adding new drives to DL360 G5

Thank you very much. This is what I needed.