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Adding power supply to Proliant ML350

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Sergio Alvarez
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Adding power supply to Proliant ML350


I'm completely new to managing server's hardware and we recently acquired a Proliant ML350 server which came with just one power supply, but a second one was recently sent to us and I'm concerned with the process of adding it for redundancy.
I have read all I could find and everything says it should be hot swappable and then it should be just a matter of inserting it on the chassis, but being a newbie on this I don't want to make a mistake I'll regret for a long time.
Is it that simple?, could I even do it while the machine is running or should I shut it down, add the second power supply and turn it back on?
I would really appreciate any help.


Sergio Alvarez
Leon Rosier
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Re: Adding power supply to Proliant ML350


Since the ML350 G1 does not have the option of a second power supply, so you have a newer model.
Basically it is as simple as you already described: Remove the dummy and put the extra psu in place, connect the mains cable and that's it.

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Re: Adding power supply to Proliant ML350


Yes, it can be fitted while the server is up and running however if you have the opportunity then shut it down to install the additional power supply.

One thing to watch out for.....

The new power supply will come with a plastic shield over the gold contacts which mate with the power connector inside the system. Don't forget to remove this plastic shield or you will be there scratching your head and wondering why it won't fit.