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Adding second processor to ML330 g3

Occasional Contributor

Adding second processor to ML330 g3

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Recently added a second xeon 2.8 processor to this old war horse, no budget for a new server.

It didn't seem to help out - so I wanted to see if there's something I overlooked.

OS is Server 2003, SP2

Bios is most recent version, HAL shows ACPI multiprocesser, device manager now shows 4 processers where there were only 2 previously.

Bios recognizes and initializes second processor, system info only reports xeon 2.8 (not 2x 2.8), so I'm wondering if the HAL is correct for the machine? Or did I miss something that's not PnP?

Thanks again, and it's probably not the last question.