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Adding tape drive to DL 380 G3

Davey Jones
Occasional Contributor

Adding tape drive to DL 380 G3

I have a Proliant DL 380 G3 which has a Smart Array 5i controller and a 5304 Smart Array controller

The internal 6 Ultra 3 disks are attached to the 5304 controller

I will be adding an external drive cage to the external second port of the 5304 Smart Array Controller

My question is


I also need to attach an external tape drive to the server - is it best to add an additional SCSI card - or plug the tape drive into the external port of the Smart Array 5i controller

2. Is an Adaptec Ultra 160 PCI SCSI Adapter c19160 29160(N) AHA-3960D AIC 7802\7899
suitable for installing in the server for the external tape drive (I guess its kinda old cos its in an NT 4.0 server) can't get any sense out of the Adaptec web site......:<(
Valued Contributor

Re: Adding tape drive to DL 380 G3

The external SCSI connection on the back of a DL380 G3 will be good to use for the tape drive. All you need is a VHDCI cable on the server end and whatever the correct SCSI interface for the tape drive is on the other.

I would not worry about installing another card. It is more money and more resources used by the system.