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Additional HDD Drive to existing HP Array

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Additional HDD Drive to existing HP Array



I'm using VM Esxi ver 6.0. Currently i have 3 units of 146Gb HDD configured with Raid 5 and 1 VM datastore. Can I add 3 more 146Gb HDD (new HDD) to current array and expend the current VM datastore? Any step/update that i need to perform this task?

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Re: Additional HDD Drive to existing HP Array

Hi Friend , 

You can do it ,expanding your hard raid 5 with the ADU or HP SSA depends of your server version G6 G7 Gen 8 or Gen9 , but you should first perform this action with the array  wihtout the server in production than you must choose how to " Extend" your data store because the Vmware won´t see the data store automatcally  .


Considering  this article from Vmware . .


After Extend you array  go further with Vmware this should work !



Also consider this  OUR workaround :

HP Proliant Servers - How to Expand an Array and Extend the Logical Drive 




HP Smart Storage Administrator User Guide 


 **Very importat to perform your back up for vmware there are some risks . 



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