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Administrative password

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Florian Sicking
Occasional Contributor

Administrative password

Hi all,

I am installing a new ML350 G5 at the moment. I just set an administrative password in the BIOS. After setting that password I wasn't able to log in anymore, it's saying 'invalid password'. It's definitely the right one, but I just read in the documentation that the maximum length is 7 characters. Of course I tried to enter the first or the last 7 characters of my password but it still doesn't accept it. As my password consists of alphanumeric + special chars I am wondering if only certain chars are accepted by the BIOS?!

Any ideas how to proceed? Btw, I haven't found a way to reset the password so far...
James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: Administrative password

Hello Florian,

You need to use the system maintenance Switch on the System board;

Attached is the role of each switch;


Honored Contributor

Re: Administrative password

also just a / is needed

Set Admin Password
The Set Admin Password option sets a password to control access to the administrative features of the server. The Set Admin Password option is a simple character string with a maximum of seven characters. To disable or clear the password, enter the password followed by a / (slash) when prompted to enter the password.


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Re: Administrative password

What is the proper method for entering a BIOS password when a ProLiant server is in Network Mode and you are attempting to unlock via iLo?

I can see the system boot and can control it via iLo but cannot access the system via Remote Console because the system is not accepting my password.

I also used a combination of numbers, letters (uppercase and lowercase) and the symbol @. Are there certain characters substitutions performed?

Please advise.
Trusted Contributor

Re: Administrative password

Hello Florian,

You need to use the system maintenance Switch on the System board to reset the password