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Advanced Integrated Lights Out

Tom Cadle
Occasional Contributor

Advanced Integrated Lights Out

I have purchased the Advanced iLO licenses for a multi-server project I am working on.

Here's my question...

Can I setup the advanced iLO licensing on the servers, even though, I DO NOT have any available ports in the test lab to attach via iLO? If so, what do I need to do?

Is there any special configuration needed for Advanced iLO?

Thank you for your time and patience, I am *new* to the world of iLO.

Honored Contributor

Re: Advanced Integrated Lights Out

Hi Tom,

I do not fully understand your question, however in order to activate the advanced licensing for the iLO, do the following:

1. Connect to the iLO web interface.
2. Under the "Administration" tab, click "Licensing".
3. Have the Avanced Licensing Key Pack handy and the put the licence key in the appropriate field where it says "Enter Activation Key".
4. After making sure that you have put in the right key, hit "Install".

After your licence key has been activated,you should get the full graphical remote console through the iLO device for the server.

The server on which the iLO is installed is completely independent of the iLO device itself. I am not aware of any mechanism that you could use to activate the license from the server without connecting to the iLO.

Another tip would be to upgrade the ILO FW to its latest version 1.55. Apparently, there is a security hole in ILO FW revisions below 1.55.

Hope it was of help and don't forget to assign points:)