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Advice On Updating Domain Controller.

Brian Johnson_3
Occasional Contributor

Advice On Updating Domain Controller.

We have as our Win2000 Domain Controller a DL380G1 running 2 mirrored SCSI drives off the internal controller. We have purchased a ML370R-G2 with a 5i plus card configured for Raid5 to be the new DC. I would like to move the system state and files from the old DC to the new and have everything be the same including the computer name. I have backed up the old DC to tape with Backup Exec, but I'm not sure how to move everything to the new machine and deal with the differences in hardware. Any advice will be appreciated.
Dan Baxter
Frequent Advisor

Re: Advice On Updating Domain Controller.

Are the drives the same size? If so, what you might do, is pull 2 drives from the ML370, and replace them with the mirror set from the original. Then you can expand the mirror set to a RAID 5 set including the rest of the drives.

Another solution would be to use Ghost, or another snapshot program and make a complete image of your old box & load it onto the new one.

Prior to making either move, I'd make sure to update all of your drivers, and make sure to have the 5i card driver loaded, even if it won't be active yet.

The fact that you are staying with the same vendor, and that the machines are fairly similar should get you over most of the hardware compatibility issues.

Good luck!
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