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Advice for SCSI Choice (PL800)

Anthony Amorteguy
Occasional Visitor

Advice for SCSI Choice (PL800)

Here's an easy one:

What would you IT pros do in my case? I purchased a PL800 to do software development work (I'm not a pro IT person, but a fairly competent IT novice).

It has 2x500Mhz P3 and .5 Gb of RAM.

This came without any hard drives and I picked up an IBM 36Gb and two Seagate 18.2Gb SCSI drives.

However, the connections are different (these have 80pins and the SCSI bus is 68 on the PL800.)

Should I invest in a hot swap cage and trays? Should I use these "as is" and pick up some 80/68 connector backplane adapter and just plop them on the drives?

What would be the best way to go for a server destined mainly for software development work?
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Thomas Hagedorn
Occasional Advisor

Re: Advice for SCSI Choice (PL800)

You would not want to use the hotswap cage, because the trays can only accept SCA discs. and then you would have to get them too.
I would go for the 80/68 converters