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Advice needed on RAID Config

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Advice needed on RAID Config

I have an Adaptec 2410SA RAID Storage controller in my HP DL100 G2 1TB storage server running RAID5. We currently have x4 250GB disks with 3 logical drives which are as follows:

Logical Disk 1 (DATA) – 680GB – E: drive
Logical Disk 2 (DON’T ERASE) – 5GB – No drive assigned in Windows
Logical Disk 3 (PRIMARY) – 12GB – C: drive

I need to increase the size on the Logical Disk 3 (PRIMARY) as this hosts the C: drive on the server and is currently running out of space. I have tried to decrease the partition size on the Logical Disk 1 (DATA) in the hope I could move the space onto Logical Disk 3 (PRIMARY). To do this I used my Acronis partitioning disk to shrink the E: drive thinking it would give the space back to the RAID array but it hasn’t. I tried to reconfigure the array and decrease the drive size but I see this message:

“Logical Device 3 must be at least as large as its original value. Please increase its size before continuing”

As my server only has space for x4 disks and all bays are currently occupied my plan is this:

Replace disk 1 with a 500GB disk, re-scan the array & wait for the new disk to synchronise. Then replace disk 2 with a 500GB disk, re-scan the array & wait for the new disk to synchronise. Continue to do this until all disks have been replaced with bigger 500GB drives.

Im hoping this will then give me some more space to assign to the Logical Disk 3 (PRIMARY).

Does anyone know if this will work before I go & buy x4 new disks?
Jimmy Vance

Re: Advice needed on RAID Config

Not sure how it works with an Adaptec controller..... What I've seen is when you just replace a drive with a larger capacity drive the RAID will setup the new disk using the size of the disks currently in the array. Does the Adaptec controller have the ability to expand an array? Controllers that can do this have ways to accomplish what your trying to do.

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Re: Advice needed on RAID Config


There are options to expand the array but you cant shrink it. Iâ m also not familiar with the Adaptec so wanted to check first.