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Again: SMH is empty


Again: SMH is empty


I'm searching for hours now on this topic, but cannot find a solution: SMH shows nothing, there are no options under Data Source. I'm on a Windows Server Core 2012 R2, Hardware is an ML150 Gen9. Latest SP was installed (2015.10). I did that from a remote computer using HPSUM GUI. Although I can't find any option to proof what HPSUM really did on that system I guess that WBEM should be installed, right? As far as I understand SNMP should not be needed since SNMP and WBEM are two different approaches to reach a similar goal. What do I need else to populate SMH with data? Do I need to setup anything in ILO?

Thanks in advance and regards,


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Re: Again: SMH is empty

Yes without the agents you won't get any info to display in SMH. As you said you need either SNMP agents or WBEM agents. I Think the SPP installs the Agentless management service instead of the agents.

In this document from HPE they say that it's not recommended to run both the agentless management and SNMP/WBEM agents at the sametime.
page 5

Re: Again: SMH is empty

Thanks for input! need either SNMP agents or WBEM agents. I Think the SPP installs the Agentless management service instead of the agents.

Ok, obviously it's not enough to simply run SPP. How can I find out whether it installed SNMP or WBEM or AMS - or may be all, breaking the system?

I would like to have both SMH and alerting of hardware failures, with least impact on OS as possible. Which of the three do I need to achieve this goal? And how do I select the needed modules and deploy them onto a remote node?

A lot of questions, I know, but I'm totally lost in the chaos of HP terms, abbreviations, broken document links and missing setup advices. 

Thanks for your time and regards,

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Re: Again: SMH is empty

>> with least impact on OS as possible


Go with agentless management.

ILO is monitoring the hardware and will report issues, agentless management will pass OS related events to ILO.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Again: SMH is empty

Great answer, did not really see this relations. Thanks!

Now there remain two problems:

a) how can I controll on my Windows Server 2012 Core system, which drivers/agents/software SPP effectively installed?
b) how to add AMS, how to add WBEM and/or remove SNMP to make SMH work?

May be someone could look into the attached screenshot of an HPSUM-Report, but it's a long one. What's missing?

Thanks in advance for help,