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Aggregating NIC on HP Proliant ML370 G5

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Aggregating NIC on HP Proliant ML370 G5

Hi HP ITRC Pros,

I would just like to check if anyone from this forum may have the answer I am looking for. We just both a new HP Proliant ML370 G5 server and connected it to our domain and maid it a backup file server. Everything were fine after the installation of windows server 2003, all services are ok, ok error on the eventviewer and sharing is ok. After I setup everything I teamed-up the 2 NICs to create HP NETWORK TEAM 1 using the HP NETWORK CONFIGURATION tool to aggregate the 2 NICs. Things are ok not long after I discovered that the files and folders this server is sharing is no longer accessible to the clients. I have checked all the required process, protocols & services to make file sharing work such as FILE and PRINTER SHARING, CLIENT FOR MICROSOFT NETWORK and SERVER service is running. So to rectify the problem I DISSOLVED the HP NETWORK TEAM 1 to break the joint NICs to two logical NICs again and everything is working fine but I need this aggregation feature for better network traffic handling and for redundancy purposes so please be kind enough to let me know if i'm missing something here.

Thanks in advance,
Niels Vejrup Pedersen
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Re: Aggregating NIC on HP Proliant ML370 G5


Seems like you've done the setup the right way.

Creating a team is usually not a problem, just remember to choose a load balancing method that youre physical switches can handle.

Check the drives on the nics, and the network configuration util.

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Re: Aggregating NIC on HP Proliant ML370 G5

As said above the link aggregation protocol you select needs to be supported by your switch, otherwise you will be creating a loop in your network and hence nothing will work.
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: Aggregating NIC on HP Proliant ML370 G5

one thing to take into account is this:
when the NIC's are not yet member of a team, they both are configured as DHCP-clients. so the server get's two different adresses and registers itself with both adresses in DNS.
when you team the NIC's and configure a single (probably fixed ?) address the second adress is not properly released and not removed from DNS.
I think this may be the cause of your problem.

so before teaming you better "ipconfig /release".
then disconnect at least one of the NIC's from the network.
now you can create the team.
and reconnect the second nic.

offcourse the clients may need to have their ARP- and DNS- and maybe also NBT- caches flushed.
"arp -d" "ipconfig /flushdns" "nbtstat -R"