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Amber PCI slot

Occasional Contributor

Amber PCI slot

I tried to update the NIC drivers for 1 7770 and 3 7771 NIC's with the cp005117.exe -> NIC Driver version (14 Feb 05). When I ran it with the /s anf /f switches it ran for a very long time (20 minutes or so) then I killed the process.

After the DL760G2 rebooted, each of the slots where the NIC's were in came up with both the green and amber lights on, and none of the NIC's functioned. I have tried to manually update the driver bu extracting the contents fo the package to a local directory and going through Device Manager to pick the latest version but all of the cards/slots still come back amber and disabled.

Any suggestions?
Marko H.
Valued Contributor

Re: Amber PCI slot

Which OS do you run?

If w2k3 here is an link to download cp005118.exe.
Follow the installation instructions.