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ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)
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An Unrecoverable System Error has occurred

Robert Egloff
Frequent Advisor

An Unrecoverable System Error has occurred

Getting a number of Automatic System reboots on a ProLiant ML370 G4

The specific errors I have gotten so far in the IML are:

ASR Detected by System ROM
An Unrecoverable System Error has occurred (Error code 0x0284A02F, 0x00000000)
An Unrecoverable System Error has occurred (Error code 0x02848E2F, 0x00000000)

The system board was replaced two days ago by an HP Tech. According to the Version Control Agent - everything is current.

*HP Insight Management Agents for Windows Server 2003/2008

*HP Version Control Agent for Windows

Although - this one, while it shows 'ok' - makes me curious - is this 'up to date?'

*Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - HP ProLiant ML370 G4 (P50) Servers 2007.07.19

Anything else that could cause these ASRs?
Honored Contributor

Re: An Unrecoverable System Error has occurred


According to HP biz support that is the latest version of BIOS. Although there are updates to your version of VCA:

Almost anything can cause an ASR. You'll need to look at any system events and error codes prior to the ASR to determine the reason.

Start here:

Service Guide:

Run diags to isolate where the ASR is coming from. Check the system event logs since those error codes aren't getting any hits...

Why was the board replaced? Same issue or new problem?
Robert Egloff
Frequent Advisor

Re: An Unrecoverable System Error has occurred

Board was replaced for a very similar problem - and it appears I was mistaken that the firmware was updated when the system board was replaced; however, a co-worker of mine did just update the firmware yesterday, so that may solve the issue.

Just curious - those 'ASR's detected by the IML - they could be OS related as well then?
Robert Egloff
Frequent Advisor

Re: An Unrecoverable System Error has occurred

This is the only thing I found in the System Event Log - and it did reboot (ASR) again.

The system encountered an uncorrectable system error prior to this boot. The error code is (bytes 3-0) 0x284E72F, (bytes 7-4) 0x0.