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Analog Fax modem on HP ProLiant Server

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Analog Fax modem on HP ProLiant Server


We have ProLian DL 140 G3 server and are planning to purchase Analog Fax modem from U.S. Robotics which will be used as a Fax modem. Searcing the web, I have noticed that Dell servers had problems with Fax modems, so I'm concerned that maybe we will hahe similar issue.

Did someone had problems with U.S. Robotic modems on HP ProLiant servers? And, is it better to buy external or internal modem?


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Re: Analog Fax modem on HP ProLiant Server

the point here it's third party HW is not tested or supported by HP you need to take the risk

for example I've know COM modems working on some proliant DL 300

sometimes works fine sometimes doesn't

you can see in this forum a lot of people asking about NVIDIA video card on proliant the same history nobody answers

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