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Any DL100 G2 server owners / admins?

Mark Matthews
Respected Contributor

Any DL100 G2 server owners / admins?

Does anyone own / administer the above model of storage server and use network teaming?

I need to check some settings if poss please?

I only have the built in NICs in the system and I'm using the Broadcom teaming util (BASC / BASP?) to team them with Smart Load Balancing with Fault Tolerance.

Basically version 3 of BASC doesnt let me add NIC2 to the team as it says its 'not a teamable adapter'?

I installed ver 2 instead which let me add both NICs to the team but it only shows the team as running at 1Gbps NOT 2Gbps as I'd expect.

Also in both BASC versions, it sees one NIC as a 5751 and the other as a 5721!

Is this normal?

I suspect that because its an 'entry-level' type server and it doesnt support the usual HP drivers / utils then it must be correct.

I'd be grateful if someone could check their settings for me or let me know if they've seen it before?


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